Shaune’s Prosthetic Masterclass Course - 1 week

Shaune's Prosthetic Masterclass Course
Duration: 1 week (Monday to Friday)
Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Price: £495 (inc 20% VAT = £594) deposit £148
Date: 20 May - 24 May 2019

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This course is designed for everyone who wants to learn & understand how to prepare prosthetic makeup. This short 5 day course will give you all the insights of techniques & processes of how to make film quality Silicone prosthetic make-ups

Even though the course is mostly demonstration based, Shaune will let everyone get involved and help make the prosthetic appliances from sculpting, moulding, running the pieces to painting and applying them onto each other. It’ll give everyone involved a real hands on feel to the course!

Shaune will be bringing over 25 years experience from the film industry into the Academy, so the quality you’ll see will be second to none!

Day 1:

Shaune will explain what prosthetic and make-up fx are, will talk about the history of prosthetics

Shaune will explain what he will be sculpting over the next 5 days and how he will be creating the final makeup

He will show students how to sculpt small/medium flat prosthetics (students will start sculpting their own small wounds, cuts etc.)

Day 2:

Shaune will start sculpting his main character make-up

Students will carry on watching Shaune and sculpting their own small pieces

Day 3:

Moulding process. Shaune will show students how to mould their flat prosthetics

Carry on sculpting the main character make-up

Day 4:

Shaune will be showing everyone how to run the pieces in silicone & gelatine

Shaune will be moulding his main makeup. Running the silicone

Pre-painting the appliances and prepping the pieces

Day 5:

Shaune will be demonstrating how to apply silicone pieces as well as Pro bondo & gelatine. Everyone can apply the pieces they’ve made the day before onto each other to understand how the edges should be blended down

**Course content may differ slightly and can be adjusted to students needs and their chosen projects.


04 February 2017

Old School Bladder FX. 

I’ve been wanting to do an 80’s style Bladder Effect for a while now.

01 October 2016

Back in the summer of 2015 we got a call from local Manchester director Mat Johns, a super talented filmmaker about working on a zombie short film called A Father’s Day.

Masterclass - 1 week
START: 20-05-2019 - 24-05-2019

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