Tailored and One to One

Tailored & One to One course

Duration: 1 day to 5 days (also weekends)

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm (incl lunch break)

Price Total: £400 per day

Date: Please contact us for more details

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Welcome to our NEW Tailored courses & One-to-one classes. This individually set up courses are for anyone who wants to learn prosthetics and makeup fx in their own time. We can arrange 1 day to 5 days classes just for you or if you want to share the experience for your friends as well.

How to book a class? Just email us, tell us what you would like to learn (for example you may want to practise sculpting, learn how to mould prosthetic pieces or how to run and apply silicone appliances). Then tell us when you would like to join us and we will arrange the course. Of course sometimes we won’t be available on dates you may choose but we are flexible so we are sure we can find the most suitable dates for all of us. Price for the course depends on the course content, number of students and course length.

For more details, please download our:

Courses Guide