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I’ve taken a 6 week course at Shaune Harrison Academy. In one word: AMAZING! It was a life changing experience, on a personal level but also on a professional level. Shaune is so passionated about his trade, that he has taken us to top notch level. He explains everything in detail and gives customized advice student per student. We had a class of 3, so we had a really private class, which was so great! Shaune, Justyna & Juno, you are a TOP team! I miss you so much and hope that we will be seeing each other very soon! Good luck with the opening of your new school! With lots of love and a big hug, - Emily Vandevenne

The best 6 weeks of my life! Shaune has taught us everything and much much more! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Unforgettable! Thank you Shaune and Justyna for everything and for being such amazing people. Thank you Martin Kay for the beautiful photos! And thank you Juno for making me even happier about my days at the academy when I come through the door! - Francesca Claudia Rivera-Arill

It’s hard to explain how is this experience, because it’s simply PERFECT! Every single detail since day 1 is just amazing. Shaune is not only one of the best in the industry, he is a terrific teacher because of his patience, kindness and honesty. Shaune is an amazing human being characterized by his humility and talent. If you’re passionate about sculpting, mold making, applying and painting prosthetic makeup this is your paradise and it’s a must for you to take the 6 weeks Prosthetic makeup course. Doing this course will always be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Honestly, Shaune Harrison Academy is and will always be my dream came true... couldn’t ask for more! it’s the perfect platform to start a successful career! Words will never be enough to explain how GRATEFUL I’m with Shaune for everything that he teaches (because seriously, you just not learn about makeup, but about lots of things of this industry) and also with Justyna, she’s one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever got the blessing to met! An amazing team for an amazing Academy! I wish all the best for you guys! - Melania Zúñiga

My experience in the Shaune Harrison Academy was mind blowing! I attended the 6 week prosthetics course in November 2018. The classroom that you walk into tickles your creative bubble and makes it explode. I couldn’t get the smile of my face during my time here. Shaune and Justyna are very welcoming and they made me feel right at home. And let’s not forget Juno who gave me my daily dog-cuddles. Shaune is the kind of teacher that gets the best out of everyone. He always explaines what he’s going to do and why. He shows you how it’s done and will always make sure that you do every step youself. He’s as enthousiastic about your project as you are. He gives you tons of information about the industry and loves sharing stories. If you have a specific question about a makeup that you saw he will find the time to answer in depth and make sure you understand. Or he takes one of his many props that are laying around to visualize it. The course is very intensive. You get a lot of information during it. The small groups of students helps to keep it individual which I think is important. I would like to end this with a big THANK YOU to Shaune, for your sharing your incredible knowledge, for inspiring me, for pushing me and for your patience - Jill Suys

I can’t thank Shaune and Justyna enough for all their support through the course. They really go above and beyond with the work they put in to help you achieve incredible pieces. Not only did we gain thorough knowledge about the materials and the processes used to create our prosthetic pieces, but we also got knowledge into the industry. I can’t recommend the course enough to anyone thinking of doing it! Thanks again to Shaune and Justyna! Also a huge thank you to Martin Kay for the photos! - Megan Carter

My experience at Shaune Harrison Academy was a dream. I took the 6 week course and I recommend it to anyone who hopes to learn how to properly make prosthetic makeup pieces for the film industry! Shaune and Justyna were absolutely amazing mentors and just great people if you ask me. So patient, humble and ridiculously talented. Couldn't have wished for a better teacher! The workshop is so creatively stimulating and with Juno (the cutest dog) walking around it feels so homey. I highly recommend this school! If I could, I'd take the 6 week course all over again! - Jolien P.

I have had such an incredible experience on the 6 week course. I leave with not only knowledge I didn't have before about the industry and the process of creating a prosthetic piece but also experience of every step. I could not have asked for a better teacher in Shaune, and the amount of work and effort both he and Justyna put into supporting and helping us throughout the course really was staggering! The course has left me with a renewed passion and (hopefully) a new start to a career! I honestly can't thank you both enough! A huge thank you also to Martin Kay for taking such beautiful photos - Grace H.

I had graduated from university feeling a little disappointed that the sfx side to the course was basic so I applied for shaunes 6 week course.. all I can say is that it was amazing!!! So educational in the understanding of scripts and working within the industry andhistory of materials. Knowledge was learnt on flat moulding , life casting, mould making and application.. it was everything that my university degree didn’t supply!! Shaune was so lovely and helpful throughout with great encouragement for everyone to do well!! I didn’t want it to end!!! Amazing academy and an amazing teacher giving one to one help within every project! 6 stars for me! - Rebecca Scott

Shaune Harrison's academy is a great place to go for anyone who wants to learn prosthetic makeup FX, you don't have to be qualified in makeup or anything to do his courses which is great! What makes his academy unique is you actually get taught by Shaune himself! He has worked on some amazing films so you really get taught the best in the business and the best techniques!! I learnt so much doing his 5 day master class course and enjoyed it so much!! Shaune is a great teacher, and prosthetic makeup artist so I highly recommend booking in to his academy! You won't regret it! - Brogan Sharp

Thank you for a great 6 week course, I have learned so much and hope to continue doing so, but I really didn't think I would achieve as much as I did...and for that Thank you - Rich Everett

Thank you for giving me this amazing experience. I have had the best 6 weeks on the course. It's gave me the motivation & courage and most of all confidence to learn new skills and develop my career. Thank you so much. - Charlotte Brooks

Thank you for an incredible course, I've loved every minute of it and learned so much! - Helena Trifunovic

I've had the best time those past 6 weeks, thank you for being an amazing teacher - Jessica Jones

Thank you so much for all your help throughout the six weeks! I've really enjoyed myself and have learned a lot, not only about techniques & processes and the industry but how if you look at what you are doing how you can improve. I've never thought I could create something so cool! - Thanks again! - Sarah Blair

It's always good to see your great work! I look back 2015 I had such a great time in your courses.Thank you for your teaching! - Jieun Beak

The past 6 weeks have flown by so quickly! Thank you so much for all your help, I've really enjoyed myself! - Julia Whiteley

Thank you so much for your knowledge and all together patience. I've learnt so much + feel so much more confident. I hope we have made you proud for your 1st 6 week course. I'll definitely see you soon - Anna McIntyre

I would like to say a massive thank you for teaching me new skills and for sharing the adventures you have experienced along your journey as an artist. I have had a fantastic time at the Academy I would love to come back! - Heidi Shoefield

Thank you for taking the time and effort over the last week to share your knowledge and skills. I have learned so much and I am excited to continue learning from you. You have given me the confidence to continue experimenting! You truly are an exceptionally talented and generous man. Thank you for everything - Debby Clitheroe

It has been the most amazing week ever, never have I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. I feel honoured to have been taught by such an amazing man. Sad to leave but I will be back! - Debbey Clitheroe

Excellent week, so informative and relaxed environment, really easy to learn and feel able to ask questions. Would definitely recommend the experience. Thank you for everything #TheShauneHarrisonAcademy - Tara Conway