Injuries, Facial & Body Wounds

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On this course you will learn how to create realistic facial & body injuries like fresh and healed wounds, cuts, scars, bruises etc. You will learn sculpting techniques, moulding, running silicone / gelatine and applying the prosthetics. You will work with fresh and old blood, bruise paints and any other materials used in film industry to create realistic injury & wound effect.

You don’t need any previous experience with makeup or prosthetics, you will learn everything during the course and Shaune Harrison will be your main tutor!

Course content:

  • Health and safety
  • Going through all the tools and materials you will be using during the course
  • The theory behind Prosthetics and film industry
  • Sculpting flat prosthetics (wounds, cuts, scars etc.)
  • Moulding flat pieces
  • Running silicone prosthetic appliances
  • Applying flat pieces onto each other
  • Sculpting on the face cast (injuries, wounds, scars etc.)
  • Moulding prosthetics
  • Applying appliances onto each other
  • Painting prosthetics
  • Using different types of blood, bruise gels and paint

**Course content may differ slightly and can be adjusted to students needs and their chosen projects.

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