Domino is a gender-neutral name that encourages its bearer to keep an eye out for advantageous opportunities. Originating in Latin, domino suggests masterful leadership that recognizes the gravity of every action taken, with roots dating back to ancient blocking games as reminders to always consider consequences two moves ahead and plan ahead for any moves that could have negative repercussions. Furthermore, this timeless name’s meaning can be amplified through associations with its nameakin the “domino effect,” which refers to events with small beginnings but with larger-than-expected effects that result.

A domino is a rectangular piece of wood or other material with an array of dots resembling dice, normally twice its width and measuring twice as long. When laid end-to-end in a line it forms tiles. They can also be used in various games of chance or skill and typically feature one side that displays numbers while its reverse remains blank or marked with dots in specific sequences; the number of pip spots determines its value and rank or weight of tile; some sets even feature Arabic numerals instead of traditional dots!

At first, it can be exciting and thrilling to set up a line of dominoes and flick the first one over, only for them all to fall swiftly in spectacular fashion. Life can often follow this same pattern: one small event may trigger another series, leading to unexpected and potentially serious repercussions.

Plotting a story is similar to setting up a domino line; the process remains the same whether writing directly off-the-cuff or taking an organized approach through outlining and planning. A good writer knows how to use this domino principle of plotting in their stories in order to craft compelling tales that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

At a time when Domino’s was facing financial difficulty, its new CEO helped keep things on course by adhering to its core values – one being listening to customers. And this he did with great zeal! He made it clear to employees that any customer complaints would be addressed directly, ultimately leading to improvements and increased employee satisfaction. Domino’s leadership model has evolved beyond the traditional hierarchy to focus on team-based structures which recognize each employee’s individual strengths, helping the company attract top talent more easily. By adopting this strategy, the company has been successful in recruiting more top performers than ever. Domino’s has also seen positive business growth through various initiatives it has implemented, such as relaxed dress codes and improved college recruitment systems. Domino’s has followed its own advice of “Thinking global and acting local”, earning them the Top Workplaces Leadership Award from Detroit Free Press recently.

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