Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) measure test score gains for individual students relative to students with similar prior scores (their academic peers). SGPs are calculated using least squares regression modeling and Bayesian inference, which estimate latent achievement trait models then compare their estimates against performance standards established through teacher evaluation criteria and student covariates – providing more accurate comparisons of individual students to academic peers. Furthermore, SGPs can be used as measures of overall school performance evaluation systems.

SGP data can provide an excellent way for teachers to assess the growth of their students, yet some teachers find it challenging to interpret. To assist, we have developed a simple calculator which shows exactly how SGP calculations are made – accessible for all teachers on our sgp data page and offering this service on any content area, grade level or year level for your convenience! It will calculate their SGP as well as provide an explanation of its formula as well as interpretation tips.

No matter if you are an inexperienced or veteran teacher, this tool will allow you to keep track of the students’ progression over time. The calculator provides both a line graph and table displaying this progress over time; one shows test scores alongside their SGP for each content area/year while another gives the total points a student earned in any content area/year.

Illinois teachers and administrators can access data sgp for all their instruction needs in Illinois. The data comes from students’ results on standardized tests such as Illinois Assessment of Readiness and the ACT; additionally, this data contains school culture and instructional practices data as well as any relevant details that help inform informed decisions on instruction across Illinois.

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