Halloween Masterclass

Halloween Masterclass - 1 week course

Duration: 1 week (Monday to Friday)

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm (incl lunch break)

Price Total: £1,050 (inc VAT) / Deposit: £260 (will secure the space on the course)

Date: 21 October - 25 October 2019 (max 8 students per class)

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Halloween is coming...ZOMBIES, GHOULS, WITCHES, CLOWNS.

Who wants to join Shaune Harrison for a Halloween masterclass on how to make your favourite scary Halloween Creations...Join our One week Halloween Special to create something amazing!

And you can keep all prosthetic pieces you will create during the class!!!

You don’t need any previous experience with makeup or prosthetics, you will learn everything during the course and Shaune Harrison will be your main tutor!

Course content:

Day 1

Shaune will explain what prosthetic and make-up FX are, and will talk about the history of prosthetics. Plus what cool things to do for Halloween that will impress people.

Shaune will explain what he will be sculpting over the next 5 days and how he will be creating the final makeup.

Shaune will lifecast someone’s face and show the process of cleaning it up to prepare for sculpting on it.

He will show students how to sculpt small/medium flat prosthetics (students will start sculpting their own small wounds, cuts etc.).

Day 2

Shaune will start sculpting his main character make-up.

Students will carry on watching Shaune and sculpting their own small pieces.

Day 3

Moulding process. Shaune will show students how to mould their flat prosthetics.

Carry on sculpting the main character make-up.

Day 4

Shaune will be showing everyone how to run the pieces in silicone & gelatine.

Shaune will be moulding his main makeup. Running the silicone.

Pre-painting the appliances and prepping the pieces.

Day 5

Shaune will be demonstrating how to apply silicone pieces as well as Pro bondo & gelatine. Everyone can apply the pieces they’ve made the day before onto each other to understand how the edges should be blended down.

**Course content may differ slightly and can be adjusted to students needs and their chosen projects.

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